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With over 100 years of combined experience from our leaders, VELOCITY was established in 2016, with a view to improve and sustain communities and the urban environment through our design. VELOCITY is a client first, architectural and engineering firm that includes comprehensive architectural, structural, MEP/FP, historic preservation, and construction management services.  We believe in high-quality design-build services that sustain communities and the urban environment through our design principles.


Our diverse practice includes the planning and design of schools, housing, healthcare, transportation, recreation and infrastructure for a wide range of communities and clients. We have earned a strong reputation for leading complex projects and are known for developing innovative effective solutions.


We play to the inherent strengths of our size by keeping our administrative structure intentionally lean. A hands-on approach characterizes our practice and allows us to respond to large and small projects alike with a consistent high quality of service, design and technical precision. This business style is most beneficial to our clients, as it simplifies organization involvement, as well as facilitates multi-functional issue resolution with a view towards value design.  This methodology also makes us more accessible and agile, which is in keeping with a client-first philosophy.



President and CEO


Ehab provides strategic oversight and management for the delivery of services, making it a top priority to deliver the highest quality designs on budget and on schedule. Under his leadership, Velocity encourages input from clients, staff, management, sub-consultants, stakeholders, and facility users in search of the optimal solution and the best approach to executing any project.



Executive Vice President


Mashi leads the technical aspects of the Velocity team and sub-consultants. During the last 25 years of his career he has worked closely with designers, engineers, educators, contractors, and school district administrators to deliver quality schools for the New York City and NJ metropolitan areas.


Velocity delivers sound architectural and engineering solutions to public and private sector clients in the greater New York City and New Jersey area, with considerable attention to functional design and maintainability, energy efficiency, current project delivery trends, limited client budgets, and flexibility to client schedules.


Each member of our design team is trained and experienced. We have a combination of interior and exterior-focused architects.



With the breadth of services we offer, we have the opportunity to employ a variety of specialists working within the architectural and engineering industry.




This team guarantees the safety of any of our designs. With required accreditation and experience, they deliver efficient solutions.



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